New Screen Recorder Browser Extension for Microsoft Edge

New Screen Recorder Browser Extension for Microsoft Edge

At OutKlip, we focus on just a few software platforms. We do that so we can really polish our offering and be responsive to users’ needs on those platforms.

When Microsoft Edge appeared on the scene, we started hearing how many people loved using the browser. We became interested and started looking into what it would take to support the OutKlip screen recorder browser extension on Edge.

Edge has the same browser engine as Chrome. Our Chrome extension has been out for 4 years and is mature product. The similarity between Edge and Chrome meant we could provide the same mature product experience on Edge. So, we decided to port our browser extension to Edge.

We’re happy to announce that for Edge users we have made the OutKlip extension available on the Edge add-ons store. To use OutKlip, you can click the above link and install the extension on your Edge browser.

OutKlip page on the Edge add-ons store
OutKlip recording menu on Edge

For the steps to create a screen recording using the browser extension, check out the intro tutorial.

We encourage users to install the OutKlip extension and start making screen recordings within Edge. We look forward to supporting users on Edge.