Unique Advantage of a Chrome Extension for Screen Recording

On a computer, we spend most of our time in a browser. Chrome extensions have an exclusive feature for browser tab recording.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Sunil Kowlgi

Most people are unaware that Chrome-based screen recorders can do an important thing that other screen recorders cannot.

Chrome extensions have a recording mode to record just a browser tab with the audio playing in the tab.

This mode has the following advantages:

  1. Only the tab content is recorded. You don’t have to close tabs or unclutter your desktop for recording.
  2. The tab audio is recorded in high quality. There is no better way to capture sound coming out of a browser.

On a computer, we spend most of our time in a browser. When we want to share our screen, it’s usually to show something in the browser. This native browser tab recording mode is ideal for recording professional quality videos.

Some use cases of this recording mode:

  1. Record presentations with only the slides visible in the video
  2. Record demos on a browser tab
  3. Record webcasts
  4. Record browser-based conference calls on Zoom, Jitsi, etc.

This recording mode is only possible through Chrome extensions built on the Chrome Tab Capture API.

The Outklip Chrome extension lets you record in this mode. Just select the ‘Browser Tab’ option for recording.

In addition to browser tab video and tab audio, Outklip lets you include microphone audio and camera. For instance, if you want to record a Google Slides presentation with an audio clip, you can use the browser tab mode to record 1. the Google Slides tab 2. the audio clip playing in the tab 3. your voice and 4. camera.

Outklip supports two other modes: 1) desktop mode, to record the entire screen and 2) camera only mode.

Between these three modes, most screen recording use cases are covered.

Once you try it, you’ll see how Browser Tab recording can be a handy recording tool for a lot of situations.

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