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Outklip helps you make captivating screen recordings with voice and camera on your computer. It takes care of the hard parts of video production so you can focus on being creative.
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Unique Video Content That Gets More Views

Make better screen recordings and upload instantly to YouTube™.

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Captivating content

With Outklip you can make screen recordings in 4K resolution, with voice narration and camera overlay that viewers will love.

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Quick upload to YouTube™

Make screen recordings your YouTube™ audience will love. Outklip automatically uploads the video to YouTube™, saving you more than 20 minutes of upload time per video.

How It Works

Three simple steps to make good screen recordings and upload to YouTube™.

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Takes 30 seconds to set up. Just install the chrome extension. Make videos your own by recording your voice and face along with your screen.
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After recording, preview the video on You can download the huge video file if you want to. Give the video a good title and description. Optionally edit the video or add text labels for polish. Your video is ready to go on YouTube™.
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One click to upload to YouTube™. Share the YouTube™ link and start getting views.

Feature Highlights

All the necessary features, built for ease of use.

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Easy Video Recording

Outklip records screen, camera and microphone together. The mouse pointer is automatically highlighted so viewers never lose track of it. You can pause and resume while recording. If you want to do another take, just cancel the recording and start over.
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Simple Post-editing

Edit the title and description of the video to tell viewers what the video is about at a glance. Edit to reduce the length, reduce dimensions or add text to enhance the video.
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Fast YouTube™ Upload

Downloading video files and uploading to YouTube™ takes almost 20 minutes per video. Instead upload to YouTube™ directly from Outklip.

User Testimonials

2500 happy users and counting.

testimonial by Matt Dinsmore: Outklip is an amazing product superseded only by their amazing service. I have tried multiple other screen recording softwares, but none of them have the extent of features and ease of use like Outklip. It has webcam, screen, and audio recording (and do them all at the same time!) all while being able to easily share or post to YouTube™. This has made recording videos so easy! Additionally, when I had a problem with Outklip not recording on Chrome when going to presentation mode in Slides, I sent a message for help and Sunil himself answered and fixed the problem within 48 hours! One of the Slide updates caused a recurrence, I reached out to Sunil, and again he came through and had the problem fixed in just a day! You can\'t beat that service and you can\'t beat this product!
testimonial by Madhav: I work for a large global energy company and used Outkip to record demos of high resolution 3D modeling and photogrammetry applications for an internal communication video I created. I was very impressed by the usability, clean interface, ability to create media for web and video editing end uses. The customer service at Outklip was outstanding and I was able to enjoy product feature additions  within days of making a request which is lightning quick! Highly recommend Outklip for all forms of corporate video communications !
testimonial by karthik: Brilliant and easy to use app. It records your screen along with your voice and video. There are absolutely no sync problems, and the easy integration with Youtube is a great feature to share your videos.
testimonial by Dru Pio: This app works perfect every time and saves our entire team a TON of explaining and writing scope
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