Capture, Edit, and Share Your Screen Recordings

Capture high-quality videos of your computer screen with just a few clicks. Record individual tab with tab audio, your entire desktop, or even your webcam. Personalize your recordings with voiceover and webcam. Then, use our video editing tools to trim, edit, and add effects. Finally, store your recordings securely in the cloud.

Getting Started
Create a screen recording in 3 easy steps

1. Install browser extension

2. Start recording
  • Choose the video type – Screen & Webcam, Webcam only or Browser Tab. Click Record to start
  • To stop recording, click the Klip icon. The video is uploaded online
  • The video loads on a webpage

3. Watch, edit, share
  • Preview the video
  • Make quick edits to enhance the video
  • Upload to YouTube™ or Google Drive™ with one click, or just share the link. The video link is unlisted, so only those with whom you share the link can view the video

All-in-One Screen Recorder
A single software for capturing screen recordings and elevating them to professional quality.

Feature Highlights
A range of features to make your recordings look and sound their best

Supports different types of screen recordings
  • Choice of recording modes – full screen, browser tab with tab audio, webcam only or application window
  • Add voice narration
  • Enliven your screencast videos by adding webcam. Or record webcam only

Quick video editing
  • Use the built-in video editor , with 10 tools
  • Cut video to remove dead parts, crop to remove areas, add a soundtrack, add text annotation, zoom into a region of the video and more
  • Add a button to the video, to steer viewers to a target URL

App integrations
  • Integrations with other apps to enable quick video transfer
  • Connect your YouTube™ or Google Drive™ account to upload videos with one click
  • Embed Klip videos on your blog or website so viewers can watch your videos right there

A Look at Our User Feedback
Testimonials from users

"Really love this extension!! I do web design so this is my go to app to screen record updates, changes and request feedback! Honestly superrrr helpful for 1:1 client work and love that I can just send a link rather than needing to download the video everytime." - Teagan Cook

"This extension has made my life as a school counselor so much easier. This easy to use extension has becoming something I use at least twice a week. I love that it has some simple editing features built in and I'm so thankful that I can upload to youtube directly from the extension. Outklip, you rock!!!!! Thank you for being awesome." - Sarah Kyes

"Wonderfully easy to use for a novice such as myself. Klip is the best app I had found to create videos from any source and for any need. Sunny, with Customer Service is excellent! Klip has a caveat that their company may possibly work with customers on pricing, I'm assuming depending on creative content since that was the only question that was posed, and to Klip's great credit, they did. I wanted to make personal content of my brother's bands and potentially some family videos using royalty free music." - Deken

"Really great experience with this quick and easy tool. I had to share some product functionality and make a video walkthrough, Klip worked great for this. Love the simple UI, very intuitive to use and saved me in a pinch." - Wesley Ma

"Really powerful app that makes screenvideo sharing super easy and all on the web. One of the best way to communicate in these WFH situations is through videos, and when synchronous calling is not an option, Klip is the way to go." - Channy Hong

"Great product - what I like the most about it is that the app lets you record from both your screen and your web cam simultaneously! It just works." - Ike Jin Park

"Klip is the absolute best. I have been using it for a long time and it has inspired me to do so many things!!!!! Klip is the best!!!!!" - Liann Schooler

"I work for a large global energy company and used Klip to record demos of high resolution 3D modeling and photogrammetry applications for an internal communication video I created. I was very impressed by the usability, clean interface, ability to create media for web and video editing end uses. The customer service at Klip was outstanding and I was able to enjoy product feature additions within days of making a request which is lightning quick! Highly recommend Outklip for all forms of corporate video communications !" - Madhav N

"This extension is literally exactly what I needed. I have the option to have my camera on as well. The customer service is amazing - had an issue using a mac and I had an actual person help me out immediately! I miss that so much these days! I have been using this to help students turn in work and I can't believe what you get for free!" - Courtney Petersen

"The customer service is outstanding! Not only will they help with the current system, they really care about creating a product that suite the user! Its in a league of its own with the usefulness it brings to my business. 100% download this extension." - Adam Griener

"This app works perfect every time and saves our entire team a TON of explaining and writing scope." - Dru Pio

"I have tried multiple other screen recording softwares, but none of them have the extent of features and ease of use like Klip. It has webcam, screen, and audio recording (and do them all at the same time!) all while being able to easily share or post to YouTube™. This has made recording videos so easy!" - Matt Dinsmore

"Brilliant and easy to use app. It records your screen along with your voice and video. There are absolutely no sync problems, and the easy integration with Youtube is a great feature to share your videos." - Karthik Shashidhar

"Klip allowed me to do something that didn't work properly with other software and on other platforms: select which of my multiple video cameras and microphones to use for recording. Klip is also dead simple to use; well worth a small investment in in order to get the recordings you want..." - Gregg Bloom