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With Outklip you can make instant screen recording videos to get things done faster and better.

One Screen Video Recorder, Many Uses

Deliver your message in a way that people can understand.

Software Development

Add Outklip screen recordings to bug reports to speed up bug fixing. Outklip hosts videos you create and does inline playback so viewers can watch your video without clicking links. Outklip has integrations to GitLab and GitHub.

YouTube Content

Make screen recordings your YouTube audience will love. Outklip automatically uploads the video to YouTube, saving you more than 20 minutes of upload time per video.

Customer Training

Delight customers by helping them learn faster through screen recordings. Outklip lets you create screen recordings with audio narration and camera to project your authentic self.

How It Works

Three simple steps to make great screen recordings on your computer and share instantly.


Takes 30 seconds to set up. Just install the chrome extension. Record your screen with voice, camera, mouse highlighting and annotate using the pen tool.


After you stop recording, the video is automatically hosted at a unique URL. You do not have to download the huge video file. Preview the video, add title and description. Edit to reduce the length and dimensions. Your video is ready to share.


One click to upload to YouTube or share link to Twitter, Facebook, GitLab, GitHub, etc. You can also embed the video on your website.

Feature Highlights

Easy and fast content authoring and distribution capabilities.

Easy Content Authoring

In addition to recording screen, Outklip can record camera and microphone. The mouse pointer is automatically highlighted so viewers never lose track of it. Use the drawing pen to annotate things on the screen. You can pause and resume recording while it is in progress. If you want to do another take, just cancel the recording and start over.

Effortless Content Distribution

After recording, the video is automatically hosted and given a unique URL. Videos are automatically converted to .mp4 so they can be viewed on any browser, on any device. You can share video URL anywhere - on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc - or embed it on your website. You can also download the video.

Simple Post-editing

Edit the title and description of the video to tell viewers what the video is about at a glance. Edit to reduce the length, reduce dimensions or create a GIF.

YouTube Upload and App Integrations

Downloading video files and uploading to YouTube is very time consuming, instead use the upload to YouTube feature to save time. Outklip also has integrations to apps like GitHub and GitLab.

User Testimonials

1750 happy users and counting.

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