Screen Recording for Remote Work

Create and share screen recording clips quickly and easily. Remote workers use Outklip to train new customers quickly and fix bugs faster, and need fewer meetings to get work done.
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Make Screen Recordings in 3 Quick Steps

Show a lot of detail without a wall of text


Easy and quick setup to record right in your browser.


Add a title and a short description to tell viewers what the video's about at a glance


Single click to upload to Youtube or copy the unique video link to Slack, Jira, Trello, or anywhere

What You're Getting

Simple and Fast UI

Outklip is easy to set up and use; feeling camera shy? Toggle off the webcam. Don't feel like talking? Toggle off the microphone. Forgot what you were trying to say or need a break? Click the pause button.

Built-in YouTube upload

Connect your YouTube account and after that it's a single click to upload your video to YouTube

Built for Professionals

Easy to use, quick to make professional screen recordings

For Remote Work

Avoid unnecessary meetings by sharing a screen recording to report issues and updates.

For Customer Support

Delight customers by helping them learn faster through screen recordings.

For YouTubers

Automate steps to get your video on YouTube. Make and upload your screen recording to YouTube with a single click.

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