You can add an mp3 soundtrack to a video. The mp3 can be started at any point in the video.


  1. Open and click the video you want to open. The video webpage opens on a new tab.
  2. On the video webpage, click the Edit button to open the dropdown menu. On the dropdown menu, click add music to open the editor webpage.
  3. On the editor webpage, click Upload.
  4. On the file selection dialog, click to select a .mp3 file and click Open.
  5. Click Trim Audio below the .mp3 file title.
  6. (Optional) Set the start and end time of the section of the mp3 to use as the video soundtrack. Click Save.
  7. Enter the time in the video when the audio should start playing.
  8. (Optional) Click Add music track to another music track.
  9. Click the play button below the video to preview the video with the music soundtrack.
  10. Click Finish.
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