To open the Outklip Chrome extension settings page, click the extension icon to open the extension dialog. On the dialog, click the ⚙️ gear icon. Alternatively, you can open a new tab and paste the following link:


Note: The Outklip Chrome extension must be installed to open links beginning with ‘chrome-extension://’.

How to open Chrome extension settings

On the settings page you will find the following settings. To change a setting, click the corresponding Edit button, modify the setting and click Submit.

Setting What it does Default
Input devices Select the audio and video input devices. Varies with hardware setup
Video resolution Sets the resolution of the recorded video. 720p
Video frame rate Sets the fps of the recorded video. 30fps
Video codec Sets the video coding format VP9
Profile photo in place of camera Shows profile photo in place of camera, when camera is switched off. Enabled
Picture-in-picture camera mode Enables camera video to go into picture-in-picture mode Disabled
Control panel Shows control panel in the browser, with buttons to pause/resume and cancel recordings. Enabled
Recording countdown Sets the value of the countdown timer (in seconds) before the start of recording. 3
Cloud video storage Enables upload of videos to the cloud. If disabled, videos are stored in the browser. Enabled
Inline video playback Enables inline playback of videos on specific websites, when an video link is present Enabled
Highlight mouse cursor Adds a color highlight to the mouse cursor to make it more visible Disabled
Slow internet connection upload mode Enables video upload on slow internet connection without timing out Disabled
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