You can upload a video to YouTube from Outklip. This saves you the effort of downloading the video file from Outklip and manually uploading the file to YouTube.


  1. All your videos are listed on Click a video to open its webpage.
  2. Click the YouTube button below the video.
  3. If you haven’t yet given Outklip permission to manage your YouTube™ account, a modal dialog will pop up with this message “Next we’ll navigate to a webpage to allow Outklip to access your YouTube™ Account. Ready?” Click Yes.
  4. On the next few screens, select the Google/YouTube™ Account and Allow Outklip permission to upload videos to YouTube™. Now Outklip is connected to your YouTube™ account. You only have to do this setup once.
  5. After setting up YouTube™ permission, a modal dialog will appear. Set YouTube™ visibility to either PublicPrivate or Unlisted, and whether the video is Made for Kids. Click the Upload button.
  6. After uploading to YouTube™, the modal dialog will appear with the YouTube™ video link. Open the link in a new tab to watch the video on YouTube™.
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